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We are thrilled to welcome you to our special corner of the world. Growing up in Feltzen South has filled us with gratitude, and now, as residents of Rose Bay with our own family, there's nowhere else we'd rather call home.

Katie's journey with Off the Beaten Trail is deeply fulfilling and started with a special bond between her and her grandfather. Despite ongoing severe health challenges, she's found immense joy in realizing her vision. With each guest's happiness, Katie finds her own joy. Her diverse background in hospitality and business shines through, making Off the Beaten Trail a place of pure happiness for her.

Devin is a familiar face in the community, splitting his time between Off the Beaten Trail and caring for seasonal properties. With years of experience at the local Rose Bay General Store, he's deeply rooted in the area.

As parents to three children, camping was always a cherished family activity, though fitting everyone and everything into the car often proved to be a bit of a puzzle. Their search for cozy accommodations sparked a dream: to create a camping/glamping destination that prioritizes comfort and convenience. Thus, Off the Beaten Trail was born.


Currently, Off the Beaten Trail boasts one location, but with additional properties secured nearby, we're excited to announce plans for expansion. Soon, guests will have another glamping option in the picturesque Rose Bay area, nestled along the stunning South Shore of Nova Scotia.

Devin and Katie.webp

Another face you may see roaming around... This is our dog Bo. He is Off the Beaten Trail's own Yogi... Look out picnic baskets!


Really friendly, loves people, dogs, cats and Really Really Loves Treats!

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